Monday, 1 June 2015


There has been a nice little recovery in the financial markets where my money is invested right now. Although I have paid most, if not all, my tax debt in advance, the Financial Independence number is steadily climbing back up towards 30 again.

30 is my personal target for Financial Independence. It means that with a limited, but normal annual budget, my financial assets would last me thirty years. I have worked hard, very hard, for this money. I am very happy and grateful but I do not feel bad about having it.

The annual budget I use as a calculation tool is of course higher than my normal monthly spending. All annual costs are spread out over the year and there is room for some things unexpected. It is also a budget that very many people have to live within and do it well, also without a large comforting chunk of money as a safety net. 

However, I am not taking anything out of the Financial Independence Bank at the moment. I have not stopped working, as I am involved in a project that gives me personal satisfaction, but I have cut a day from the working week. I will be contributing to my FI for another year or so. After that I may work only so much that I make my annual costs. I have a plan for 2016-2017...

The water is cold but look, there is very green grass over there on the other side of the fence...

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