Thursday, 4 June 2015


I cut my hair again today. It has been quite long since last time, almost six months.
I cut my own hair, partly because I am cheap but also since I have always had better relationships with dentists and opticians than hair dressers. My hair is easy and they have a hard time allowing me to decide on the style.

For many years I did not cut my hair at all. After 11 years and when the braid started to look out from under my suit jacket, it was time to take it off. I cut it off myself with a pair of kitchen scissors about four years ago. Since then I have a simple coupe hair style, and I look like my mother (or myself at age eight). I can live with that. My mother is gorgeous at 80 and besides, looking like 8 is not bad for 47.

I counted all hair things I still have.
- One hair dryer bought in the US 1991, works perfectly (mostly because it is rarely used).
- One hair curler bought about four years ago to style the short hair (second hand buy at €2)
- Two hair elastics (time to start looking for more on the streets - they are everywhere here and they are fine after a simple rinse).
- Two different and simple pairs of hair clips, one used frequently, the other is for keeping banks out of eyes when dying eye lashes.
- Eleven - ehm - I call them bobby pins but nobody in Europe knows what I mean. Do the Americans still call them this? Is there a European English word for the simple bent thingumabob that children uses? [Hair grips - thanks, Rachel]
- One hair brush large and one hair brush small (for travelling) as well as a comb, primarily for hair cutting.

I am currently in the process of emptying and using up all hair products and they will possibly replaced. I am running low on shampoo but it will last another couple of weeks or so. I have half a can of aerosol hair spray, one small travel size hair conditioner, and one travel size hair stabiliser and colouring spray.
I will buy two different kinds of shampoo and a bottle of hair stabiliser and colouring spray when everything runs out. Total cost will be about €14 and it is planned for after the vacation camping trip (so approximately August).
That is the plan at least.


  1. We call them hair grips. Say it too many times and it sounds grips hair grips...nobody really uses them now. Mum and I used to have a hair box with all stuff in it but I don't now. My hair is always a disappointment..

  2. Hair grips! Thanks Rachel! They are everywhere until needed and the only one foud is always crocked and in the wrong colour. Want some?
    Hair grips hairgripshairgrripshargribshagribs
    Hagrids hair grips??

  3. Yes, bobby pins is still the phrase, but you rarely see them used now.