Monday, 29 June 2015


My army green Icebreaker merino wool hiking shirt was bought on sale in 2007 (at the latest).
The code on the label is almost washed out now but I made a note of it in my 2013 year calendar.

The wool came from the Glen Orkney Station and/or the Stonehenge Station in New Zealand.

I like knowing that, and I would like to have been certain the sheep had been treated well before the wool ended up in my shirt. Even better if I could have my own sheep, with wool to spin and knit for a replacement shirt.

As that is still years in the making, the only other thing I can do now it is to use the shirt as long as I possibly can to merit the efforts of the sheep.

The threads are breaking and the shirt is by now filled with little knots where I have mended the breaks. It is beginning to look like embroidered stars over my chest and shoulders. It is almost pretty.

I will not let that stop me from wearing it. The colour will never be good but then that was the reason why it was cheap affordable (it was not cheap) on sale.

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