Wednesday, 3 June 2015


The June Challenge for me in Northern Europe is to focus on winter clothes and bedding. 
This is the time to hang it outside, shake it out, clean it (dry clean if you must but spot clean what is necessary) and pack it up nicely.

- Clean, wax, impregnate, air and hang back into the wardrobes all cold weather or winter clothing
Can your jackets survive another fall and winter? Or should you go look for winter clothes in the summer sales? Did you come home with all mittens, hats and socks last ski-trip or visit to the outside? Can you start the knitting project for some replacements? 
If you have room in your wardrobe to keep winter clothing hanging, at least move things around. Bring warmer season clothes to the front. If you pack your winter clothing away, make sure you match all socks and gloves. (And the day after winter clothes are packed away will be a cold day. That is just the way it is.)

- Air all bedding, blankets, mattresses, covers, etc. 
Take out all blankets, covers and extra pillows out of the back of the wardrobe, line up all bedding sheets and pillow sheets from drawers and cupboards. Count it. How much do you have in storage? Is there too much or nothing at all? Is there anything that is worn out and can be replaced?  Do you need anything? Does anybody you know need something? Should covers or slips be repaired or dyed or replaced? 
Air everything to make sure nobody else is sleeping in your bedding when you are not. Repack when completely dry and try to seal it if possible. 
I hear it is going to be warm this weekend. Good time to air everything outside. 

By the way: The weight was this morning +6,3 kg. The target is to get down to +2 kg, ultimately down to 0, but there is not a lot of hope for that. 
Body spring cleaning has begun.

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