Sunday, 28 June 2015


In early 2011 I attended a workshop-like hang-out with friends with the topic to imagine a better life than the one we were then living.
On the assignment if I had more time I would, I wrote the following:

Everyday is Saturday: coffee in pyjama, books, new, walk, friends, books, resting reading and  conversing. 
I travel and indulge my curiosity with food and coffee.
I hike more and have less hotel nights.
I enjoy my friends.
I sleep well.
I have go-to-hell money 
I live as a student on a low budget and have more time instead of money and no time.
Work is a means not an identity. I work with people, not under and not for.
I stay abroad.

This I named the Plan B impossible.

2015 this is more or less how I live, except that my week is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Saturday, Saturday and Saturday.


  1. I try a few of these things, or at least I aspire to them. They are not so very difficult. I suppose that was your intention.

    1. You have a good life. Keep it.
      For me, this used to be an entirely impossible dream, an unimaginable lifestyle. Unobtainable and beyond difficult.

    2. I am amazed. You sound very much in control and untroubled.

    3. Now I am grounded. Then I was Fata Morgana, living in the life of shadows and politics.