Sunday, 7 June 2015


From the gods of leftovers I was given an over sized black dress in heavy viscose.
I opened some seams and closed the side slits, mended some holes an voilá, a new summer dress. It will be brought on the hiking trip. It is long enough to appear in public in, if need be, and soft and cool enough to sleep in when hot. 

It will replace the brown silk dress that I have used the past years. That one is now mended in the back five times with black machine stitching and looks almost like a straight jacket. The silk is soft as a baby's buttok but fragile as spider's web. It will still be used as summer pyjama at home this summer. It was bought on the third price reduction in Brussels probably fall 2009.

After the summer - Can i cut it up into something else? 
I want to practise sewing in silk and this could be a good project. I think I can buy odd coloured silk thread cheaply on the market, but what to sew?
What is bigger than a hanky, smaller than a top, made of silk and is not for carrying or holding things? In the faded colour of potato brown?


  1. A hat. You wear a patch of silk around your head.

  2. oooo yes, clever! I do not have a hat head, but perhaps I could carry off something I made myself.