Tuesday, 2 June 2015


Aaaaa - the kitchen is clean, that is probably all I can say in terms of reporting on the May challenge this year.
No, wait - the chaos cabinet is cleared and cleaned (as in, everything was taken out and everything was considered important enough to keep. lalalalala  I don't care... )

I did clear the food cabinets and emptied and cleaned the almost empty containers. I also came home with four old tins of food I found on the street. I discreetly put them in the food cabinet and told the man I had found the tins and that they were quite old (at least two years past expiration date). He did not bat an eye lid, just made sure there were no bumps in them and said "Good, then we don't need to shop for food this week". Saved about €4 but a huge potential future saving as he so calmly accepted my first dive for food.  

The knifes that were considered on the way out, are out of the house. (Once you start with good knifes, the bad knifes just do not get used any more.) We still have both espresso cups and champagne glasses. (No champagne though, the wedding weekend needed a lot of champagne.)

We have five plates that we use everyday (three identical, two not so much, but they are all white) as well as four huge flat and four huge deep plates. These just hold too much food and distorts the size of our portions. They are only used when the food is really, really good or a salad goes on the side of the same plate. There are also three deep noodle bowls (there may have been four bowls at one time but not any more) and six porridge, soup and ice-cream deep plates.
These six bowls were bought this spring in an outlet restaurant equipment shop after a long time of searching. They replaced three different kinds of chipped plates (which presently serve as flower-pot plates on the balcony). Best buy ever, we really held out to find exactly what we wanted. Light, white, perfect size, can stand in the wash stand and are very durable. Nothing else was going to be acceptable and we would rather live with the chipped ones. Preferably cheap but the price was of less importance than the colour, style and sustainability. (Did I mention we paid €1,50 each?)

I do feel I have not paid attention to the challenge this month. I really should have done more in May to clear and sort the kitchen. But I didn't. I am a bad person. Shame on me.
At least I didn't bring anything new into the kitchen either.

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