Tuesday, 30 June 2015


Report - The June Challenge had two tasks.

- Clean, wax, impregnate, air and hang back into the wardrobes  
All cold weather or winter clothing has been repaired, cleaned, aired and hung in the wardrobe. 
I have four hats: one is blue and used to be my brothers from when he was little (at least 40 years old), one is black and used to be the man's, one is bought last year and has ear flaps and one is black, modern and a perfect fit and was bought this spring to replace all others (but didn't.)
I have seven gloves and mittens (I keep using one black pair and one green pair hoping to wear them out or loose them but it didn't happen this year either.)
I have a red winter scarf and a dark blue balaclava for skiing in very cold weather. 

- Air all bedding, blankets, mattresses, covers, etc. 
We have a double bed cover, a double mattress (five years ago it came from Ikea and unfortunately it will not last another five years) and three double duvet covers (one green, one orange and one blue). The four pillows have pillow cases that somewhat matches the duvet covers (they only match each other in pairs, not all four for reasons I will let the man explain...) We have three sheets and one has been mended in the corners. One or possibly two of them will need replacement within foreseeable future, but not now.
There is a set of single duvet covers too but the duvets and the single blankets are currently in another country so they are not much use here. One will have to meet up with the other in some place. 

How much bedding do you have?

In the processes I have also aired all six brown velvet curtains that I have carried with me from two apartments ago. Two have been hung in the office and if I get what I want, a curtain rail will be found for the bedroom and at least one of them will be hung there too. The remaining three will probably go back in storage (but it has been mentioned that the living room might look good with brown curtains). (The man does not agree.) (With any of these plans involving the brown curtains.) (The curtains in the office are really only hanging because the man is such a kind man.)


  1. I have three single duvets, and two covers between them, both white. I have one double duvet and one cover, white. The covers are all super soft cotton. I take a single duvet with me to whichever bed I sleep in. I have to have it wrapped around me even if I sleep in the double bed with p. I have more than one bed that I use throughout the year throughout this house. It was always an ambition of mine that I could change bedrooms whenever I wanted. I do. My winter clothes are like yours, but I wear the same jacket right through winter. I have more than 4 hats, but I wear mostly the same one. I am now into summer hats.

  2. Always one set available for a newly made bad whenever the fancy takes me, I agree!