Wednesday, 10 June 2015


For some reason that my 2015-self does not quite understand, my 2008-me found this interesting enough to make a book-mark out of.

Characteristics of a self-actualized person
1. Have a more efficient perception
2. Are not frightened by the unknown
3. Accept themselves and others
4. Enjoy themselves without shame
5. Lack defensiveness and pose
6. Express spontaneity - simplicity - naturalness
7. Are motivated by an urge to grow
8. Focus on problems outside themselves
9. Have the quality of detachment
10. Have a greater need for privacy
11. Are more independent of culture and environment
12. Have a continued freshness of appreciation
13. Have ha a mystic/ peak experience
14. Have deeper feelings of identification - sympathy - affection
15. Desire to help the human race
16. Have deeper, profound interpersonal relations
17. Are democratic
18. Can discriminate between means-end and good-evil
19. Are philosophical
20. Have a non-hostile sense of humour
21. Are creative
22. Are resistant to 'en-culturation' and transcends any particular culture.
- Abraham Marslow's study of "whole" people

It is all part of the process of having brought my me from then to now, from there to here.


  1. A worthy list to aspire to. Of course Maslow stated that very few reach a state of self-actualisation (too busy trying to prioritising more basic needs). My estimation is that most people find both components of point three the most difficult in practice.

  2. Striving is all we can ever aim to do Philip, keep it up and keep reminding me to do the same.