Monday, 15 June 2015


I used to be good at sewing in my youth and early twenties when I made a lot of my own clothes. Later on I took courses in both sewing and pattern making.
It is now twenty-five years later and almost ten years since I sewed anything more complicated than hemming trousers. The man is a good and enthusiastic sewer and has taught himself.

We have fallen in love with BBC TV-show The Great British Sewing Bee.

The man started a very ambitious project of pattern making and sewing a kilt. It will be finished soon, and it is nice, nice, nice.
Me, I have no patience for expenses - so when the trash gods gave me a huge old bed spread in thin Indian cotton, I decided it was good enough to practise on. Unfortunately still a bit smelly after it was washed twice.

Anyway, the following skills where updated, practised and developed:
Pattern matching and pattern making. Splicing fabric. Sewing machine handling and adjusting.
Bias binding. French seams. Top-stitching. Edging. Pleats and rushing.
Patterning, easing in and attaching sleeves.
Adjusting and attaching waistband. Button and button hole. Hemming edges.

This fabulous pyjama shirt and trousers set was the result:

It still smells a bit oddly so there is no risk that you will have to meet me in real life wearing it.
(and the pattern matches even better on the other sleeve I promise)


  1. It looks very nice but as you say it will stay as a practice piece. I used to make all my own clothes when I was a teenager, along with my mother. If we didnt make them we would have had nothing. I no longer have the patience. The sewing machine is permanently out in the nominated sewing room here but is used now for mending my partners work clothes.