Saturday, 13 June 2015


What do you own that you only can use for one thing?
Mine is sport and camping equipment. However, most of these things also have other uses so do use them for a multitude of things.
- Ski clothes – should be part of  your winter clothes so stay neutral and they can uses outside the resorts (this means solid colours for me).
- Thermos - increases the time coffee can be used. Saves electricity and coffee is not wasted by becoming cold.
- Gym shoes – neutral (that means black for me) shoes can be used every day. These are also my usual hiking shoes as I pack my back-pack light.

My sushi making paraphernalia is also only used for that. The Japanese chefs knives have been put to general use recently and they are a delight to work with. The nori rolling mat has so far no other uses nor any replacement.

The man of course has a kitchen cupboard filled specials. I do my best to clear it but I am relying on accidents (as it is not my stuff).


  1. I have a chainsaw which as far as I know has only one use - sawing logs. In fact I've only used it once because I'm scared of it. I might pluck up the courage and have another go soon.

    1. Courage, protection gear, practice - and then you can carve tree trunks into grizzly bears! No?