Friday, 19 June 2015


Uppå väggen går en gädda på långa ludna svarta ben. Men ni skall inte vara rädda, ta en sup och allt går väl.
Vita möss, som går i taket råma hest och falla ned. Men ni skall inte vara rädda, ta en sup och allt går väl. 
Из-за острова на стрежень, На простор речной волны, Выплывают расписные, Острогрудые челны.
На переднем Стенька Разин, Обнявшись, сидит с княжной, Свадьбу новую справляет, Сам веселый и хмельной.
From beyond the wooded island To the river wide and free Proudly sailed the arrow-breasted Ships of Cossack yeomanry.
On the first is Stenka Razin With his princess by his side Drunken holds in marriage revels With his beauteous young bride.

Everything is a little different in various countries and languages.
Today my cultural background requires vodka and singing. The Russians are the only outsiders who understands (and they understand every night so they are invited).
Closer to summer solstice my cultural background requires huge fires. We'll keep many other cultures away from us when performing this pagan ritual, it is just too difficult to explain.
Sometimes I wish I had a more civilised background.
Sometimes it is just Ragnar Loðbrók (Lodbroek) and me watching the ravens.


  1. A proud and interesting history though.

  2. True, and it ended shortly after Ingvar came home from Rus-land.