Wednesday, 17 June 2015


My strawberry is gone. I have had a broken vein on the top of my thigh since ... a long time ago. Now it is gone. After a day only slight bruises remains and they disappeared during the following week.

I have had microsclerotherapy on my lower legs. Vascular problems (a.k.a. broken veins or varicose veins) is hereditary. I have seen the problems of my mother, grandmother and aunt. I have know for more than thirty years that it would have to happen. The alternative is perpetual long trousers, thick stockings or an enormous self-esteem flaunting varicose veins and spiders webs.

It was done when I was in one of my favourite countries a few weeks ago. It took 20 minutes (45 including taking my trousers off and paying). Slight bleeding, a tiny drop from some of the needle marks. Polka-dotted with bruises afterwards (and tired) but less than 24 hours later they were fading too. I was looking normal by the following weekend and the improvements will continue during the next couple of months. Final results and possible need for another appointment will then show itself. Of course I will break more veins so as I get older I may need more procedures.

I have researched varicose veins operation methods for twenty years. From the operations, the crocheting needles, the pressure binding for six weeks and the now so hyped laser treatments. I consulted with a laser clinic and went away without trust for the person and the clinic. I have read testimonies and medical reports.

Five years ago, a friend recommended her physician and showed here legs. Initially a very glamorous woman, I felt completely uncomfortable with the clinic. I also did not have a language in common with the physician so eventually I threw the phone-number.

I went medical and chose a physician with an impeccable record, 20 years experience, and have made success in cases much worse than mine. It was performed in a medical clinic, close to other physicians just in case of. The tools consisted of the thinnest syringe needle I have ever seen. The pain was none. I felt the pinch and no, it is not pleasant. But it is not unpleasant, just a bit uncomfortable. The cost outside the national health system, was equivalent with my monthly food budget, a bit more than my monthly whoopee costs.

If you are really scared of pain or fear the procedure, I can not recommend it.
It is after all only a cosmetic procedure and there might always be risks. If you can not see the benefits for you personally, you should not even consider it. What I have done is cosmetic, self esteem, removal of an annoyance, liberation on restrains and opening up for shorts, skirts and flair.

I decided in the last moment that my strawberry mark was to go. I do not regret it, but it is gone. I will notice every time I pull my trousers down. Or I will not. Perhaps the strawberry is forgotten in a few weeks. I also have to change my physical description in my medical "in case of".

I have lost my berry.


  1. Only something you can decide for yourself. I am glad it was successful.

    1. Indeed, it is not something to do without a lot of thought.