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5 points of Architecture:
1. Freestanding support pillars
2. Open floor plan, independent from the supports
3. Vertical facade that is free from the supports
4. Long horizontal sliding doors
5. Roof gardens.
Le Corbusier, Vers une architecture (1927)

9 points of Monumentality
1. Monuments are human landmarks which men have created as symbols for their ideals, for their aims, and for their actions.
2. Monuments are the expression of man's highest cultural needs.
3. Monuments are only possible in periods in which a unifying consciousness and unifying culture exists.
4. The last hundred years have witnessed the devaluation of monumentality.
5. This decline and misuse of monumentality is the principal reason why modern architects have deliberately disregarded the monument and revolted against it.
6. Post-war changes in the whole economic structure of nations may bring with them the organization of community life in the city which has been practically neglected up to date.
7. The people want the buildings that represent their social and community life to give more than functional fulfilment, They want their aspiration for monumentality, joy, pride, and excitement to be satisfied.
8. Sites for monuments must be planned.
9. Modern materials and new techniques are at hand: light metal structures; curved, laminated wooden arches: panels of different textures, colours, and sizes; light elements like ceilings which can be suspended from big trusses covering practically unlimited spans. Monumental architecture will be something more than strictly functional.
J. L. Sert, F. Léger, S. Giedion 9 points of Monumentality (1943)

Please read their full texts before forming an opinion.

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