Wednesday, 24 June 2015


According to the film Search and Destroy from 1995, the Four Rules of Success are:
1. Strength needs no excuse.
2. The past is pointless.
3. Just because it happened to you doesn't make it interesting.
4. The things you apologise for are the things you want.

I made a note of this after I watched the movie in 2008, and I have remembered Rule number 3 ever since I started this blogg.
Rule number 4 bothers me, I cannot quite figure it out, I am sorry.


  1. Not having seen the film I do not know the context in which these 'rules' are derived. I suspect they are intended to sound more profound than they really are. Rule 3 is an interesting statement. Taking Rule 4 at face value (whether or not you intended a joke in your observation about it!) it seems to be a very self-serving view of apology and therefore not sincere. I don't think that is a pre-requisite for or of success and therefore not something to be too bothered about.

  2. The film is described as "a satire about desperate hustling, pop philosophy and big money" so, no, I don't think anything profound is intended (perhaps a Monty Python reference? "The two rules of success are, NO the three rules of success...") I am reminded of Rule number 3 whenever I respond to somebody's story with "oh, oh that reminds me of what happened to me..." instead of continuing to talk about what actually happened to the person I am talking to.

  3. The rule I like best is the past is pointless. I think it is the philosophy I follow. The past is past and not worth even thinking about.

  4. The past cannot be changed, but surely there are lessons to be lerned? I love to hear how people became who they are.