Thursday, 18 June 2015


Vacuum: horror vacui, or better than nothing as the blond said?

We have two identical vacuum cleaners. When we merged two apartments a few years ago, we kept both. One is used, the other in "storage" waiting for the first to break.
The other day the thing that holds the hose (is it a hose on a vacuum cleaner? The schlang-part I mean?) anyway, it came loose. The other - I will not call it slang, although it is- was dug out an quickly assembled.
Not perfect!
It turns out the other thingy that is holding the whatschacall it is also half broken, but hangs on by the last tooth. It is clear that it will break soon too.
The trash-gods have delivered nothing. Actually it has given many different solutions but none has fitted these particular models.

On the market next to the office where I spend some insignificant time, a man appeared who sells replacement pieces. The following day, having brought the previous hosey-thingy for comparison, a new was bought. All is well again.

Vacation is over. Vacuuming is restored.
Tomorrow I will have to clean.

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