Tuesday, 21 July 2015


So how well are you doing so far?
Do you know your costs, have you taken control of the money you spend?
Are you making plans to make as much as possible so you can start saving as much as possible?

Are you working on the big things money-wise:
- House and all fixed costs regarding living (include heating!)
- Food and clothes
- Transport ( keep it low or save extra for something else)

No? Now is time to start. You know what you should do.
It is that one thing you really do not want to do. Yes, that one.

The target is to live as cheaply as possibly, so that the annual budget is consistently as low as possible. With a low annual budget, the savings you need to reach financial independence will be achievable within shorter terms. And with a cheap lifestyle, a financial buffer enough for many years, you could work less, not at all or with something with less financial security.

But then, this is me and my thoughts on my future (or rather, this is how I got to the point in my life where I am right now.) It took me five years but I am financially independent.


  1. I try but it is not easy when I have money coming in. I try to imagine that rainy day when I dont.

    1. And rain it will... we all know that.

    2. I wish all people knew it.