Tuesday, 28 July 2015


One of my core philosophies is to maximize the quality of things I spend a lot of time with/in/on and minimize the quantity of things I do not spend a lot of time with/in/on.

Discussion about minimizing, down-sizing, frugal life-style or taking control of financial matters usually starts with stuff. Taking control of the stuff.

The first step is to immediately stop buying things. If you have a shopping need, go to the food store. No more physical items are to enter your possession.
Until you control the stuff you have, you cannot acquire anything new.
Remember: shops are not there to provide your needs! Shops are there to create wants in order to increase their financial profits.

I control my stuff by inventorying them in groups. Usually by function but sometimes by sort.
Through an inventory, I give myself time to reflect each item.

I reflect once when I go through everything to find all the things fitting under the chosen category. I reflect the second time when I make the list of all items fitting the description or the function.
I may reflect a third time when I read the list of all my stuff.

This process also makes me grateful for everything I have. My needs are often already met and there is very little I need and less that I want.

I do not always buy things in order to keep them forever.
I sometimes buy cheap so that I only will have to keep it a few years. In that way I can enjoy change and variety. Sometimes I an very surprised at the quality of cheap. Simple things often ends up lasting a very long time.
It is often well worth a try.

But it all starts with controlling the stuff.


  1. For me it was focus. That means things/stuff and time. They go together but for me but if I would have written the text above I've would have modified the first two paragraphs sligthly. The rest is spot on!

    1. It is all about the money, it is all about the stuff - När man inte behöver hålla reda på sina prylar, frigör man tid och hjärnkapacitet för annat.