Wednesday, 29 July 2015


Ironing is not an important task in my house. Sometimes and for certain pieces of clothing, it must be done. Consequently, we must have an iron in the house.
(This could however be one of the first items I would be happy to share with my neighbours.)

During the last working week before the summer vacation, the existing iron did not work any longer. It refused to become warm and the lights did not work. There are screws in it but - of course, to avoid the requirement of the European Union that electric equipment must be repairable - the screws have a uniquely designed head which require a special tool to open them.)

That iron has been bought within the last five years. It is probably not the one I bought for the man after my first visit to his house and saw his iron. The fraying cord resulted in almost immediate use of electrical tape to avoid him from electrocuting himself. (Already from the beginning this relationship did not come out of any romance novel.) The iron that just died is possibly a replacement from that iron - or even one after that. I did not bring one when I moved in, my last iron had died just before leaving the previous country.

Together we may have been through three if not four irons. That is too much. We do however have access to excellent collection and recycling systems for electrical and electronic waste with collection right outside the door several times a year. The municipality also collects batteries and light bulbs as well as chemicals and paint. The environmental effect of the waste we are creating is as low as it can be. The environmental effects of the product created and the raw materials developed is however way to high.

A new iron has been bought; the cheapest on the market with a limited two year warranty. We will hang on to the receipt this time, not so much for the warranty, as to remember when it was bought.

If this iron does not last more than two years, a more reliable and environmentally sustainable iron will have to be purchased, regardless of price. EDIT: Or not.


  1. I am very pleased and proud to confirm that NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING, gets ironed in the Magnon household.

  2. Oh, Cro, thank you for giving me new goals and targets to aim for! Je dois plus à faire!