Friday, 31 July 2015


The July Challenge is Bags.

Find all bags in the house, include suitcases, back packs, reusable shopping bags and all handbags. 

Don’t forget your exclusive clutch for New Year and your grand mothers handbag. Especially if you are not using handbags, perhaps if you are a man or have no hands?

Clean each one of them on the outside. A lightly wet cloth is all that is needed.
Open all compartments, empty the content and brush the lining of each pocket. 

How many bags do you have? Note the number. 
Make a list if you are ambitious. 
If you are really, really ambitious, you note the number, make a list and take pictures.

This task should lead to a feeling of gratitude for everything you have and possibly an overwhelming feeling about everything you have.

It should not generate a need for new bags. If it does, go count the number of plastic bags you have saved. 

I did this today, also inspired by an old post at Händelsevis. I have 34 bags.

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