Thursday, 23 July 2015


I paint toenails once in a blue moon and finger nails ever so slightly more rarely.

A few years ago, when buying tooth paste, I was given five mini nail polish bottles by the shop.
They were left over from that country's not so successful attempt of winning the Football World Cup.
I regretted accepting them almost immediately but truth be told, I have had quite a lot of fun with them.

I wear the gold most often, the blue only on the toes and as a marker, the red only to bed but the clear nail polish is used all the time. I use clear nail polish on stockings, on costume jewellery and as handy varnish.

Right now I have orange finger nails and orange toenails. I feel very flashy.

I noticed I am very trendy. Quite accidentally, I assure you. On the metro today (we went to the see) the woman next to me had green finger nails, the woman on the other side had turquoise and the woman with a broken foot opposite me had blue nails. Blue nail polish blue.
In that company my orange nails were just ordinary.

Sometimes it is nice to be frivolous. Especially when it comes for free.


  1. I currently have turquoise finger nails, painted at the weekend when Morris was here, and it was her nail polish, and painted by P. I have dark blue toe nails. I feel naked if my toes aren't painted. P always does my nails for me, fingers and toes. I bite my fingernails so they are less high on my list of painted nails. (Today I bought my own turquoise because it is such a good colour). It is very good to be frivolous.

    1. You are a constant inspiration!! But personally, I have a hard time with painted toe nails. The goldfish in me explodes with joy with every step when walking bare foot: "Oh look at that, so nice. Oh and look at that, so nice. Oh look at that so nice."
      I trip when walking up the stairs from diverted attention.