Friday, 24 July 2015


Call the GhostBusters, the Vatican and the CERN institute. The rules of nature have been broken today. Unimagined events happened today and the world may end.

I went for a run.

Only a kilometre or so, down to the park, around it and back home again. It is a quite small park and we live quite close.

I was a runner in 1988 and later in 1992 or so, I ran quite intensely as I was applying for a job with a physical test included (I passed the physical, failed the psychological, thank heavens for that!)
Since then, I do not think there has ever been any intentional sports running performed.

I am a hiker, not a runner but today, for some reason, when the man said "I think I will go for a run", I said "I think I will too". Shoes, socks, gym trousers, sports bra and a shirt was found in a minute and before I could really think about it too much, I was out the door.

I didn't die.

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