Sunday, 26 July 2015


I mend things. Primarily, I mend clothes. I mend or reinforce them as soon as I see something starting to break or become worn. This is why I do not buy new clothes. I do not need them (except a few items that are carefully prepared and assessed before buying) and I have a very, very low want (to the point of no want at all most of the time).

Hand or machine sewing is equally quick or easy but does different jobs. The sewing kit only needs to be taken out and the sewing machine (I am lucky enough to have one) is sitting ready in the book case for immediate action (well, no, it has to be taken out, set up, threaded and adjusted for the task, but close enough.)

Today I stitched up my favourite sleeping t-shirt under both arms and in the neck. It has been mended before but it will surely last another couple of years.

All my jeans are reinforced in the seating area (so to say). I grind through trousers on my office chairs and bicycle seats but I also keep an eye out so that as soon as I see wear and tear, some intensive machine stitching is added (usually nobody looks under my bum or between the thighs of my jeans - if they do, they will see that I am cheap money pinching woman and nothing to romanticise over).

Mending increases the life span of clothes. It is one of the several methods of keeping the already bought clothes from having to be replaced by new items (of which you know nothing of their fit and durability). 

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