Saturday, 25 July 2015


I bought the existing sunglasses out of necessity almost exactly five years ago.
I had just met the man and we went on a hike and I had no sunglasses with me. A quick buy in a cheap shop landed me with something wearable for €2. Wearable but nothing more.

Since then, the pre-existing sunglasses broke, I was left with the cheap buy. I was ok with them, they were wearable, and I had them so they were cheaper than anything else.

This summer a crack appeared in the glass on day two of a three week vacation. By day twenty, there were two cracks but nothing more. I can not see the cracks when using them, but they are obvious to everybody else. I do not care.

When we came home, I realised that what was acceptable on a hiking trail in the middle of or right outside of no where, is not acceptable in town. I needed a new pair of sunglasses.

In the cheap supermarket where we occasionally buy our food, a basket had price reduced sunglasses. An almost exact new pair was found for €0.99 and immediately purchased.
(Annual cost for previous glasses €2/5=40 eurocents/year. The new glasses need to last at least 2,5 year to reach the equivalent cost/year ratio. Consequently, I should also not have to invest in sunglasses in the same time.)

It also turns out I have established a personal style in glasses.
Cracked glasses, new sun glasses and inherited reading glasses are all in the same style.
(The style is faux-Ray Ban, one of the most classical styles around).


  1. You remind me of myself so glasses are broken for 10 years, i use it only for driving, so why to buy knew one.

    1. Exactly! Why buy a new pair when the existing, although broken, still does their job?