Monday, 20 July 2015


During the trip to France this summer, as always, I lost weight.
- 4 kg this time. Although to be fair, it is mostly due to having been a few kilos more than even normally before we left.

Currently I am on +4 to the target of 0. Actually, I will be happy to be down to +2. (0 is a round number which represents what should be my normal weight. No need to be too specific.)

I aim to try and use the new and smaller stomach size and keep my portions small for as long as I can.

I used to be known as "the girl who cannot get fat" but then 45 happened and the metabolism slowed down. Now, I need to keep my need to loose weight in control so that I do not one day need to loose 20 kg or so. It is time to take action, and think about my food amounts and its contents. The health plan for the rest of the year needs to be re-evaluated. I know it will be based on fibres and vegetables, low fat rather than low sugar. Exercises must be included and increased.

The man of course lost his usual 2-3 kg and will now have to go on his fat-diet to regain it. A few years ago, he lost so much weight we made the doctors evaluate it. Nothing wrong, just high metabolism and not a high enough calorific value in his food. It is not an easy task to gain weight. It actually requires just as much work to gain as to loose, and isn't something to envy.

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