Thursday, 20 August 2015


So I hear there are 126 days left until Christmas (the link gives you correct calculation). I hear that Christians for (or was it against?) poverty are advocating to start saving money for the annual Christmas blow-out now.

The advice is to buy an extra bar of chocolate to store, a leg of lamb for the freezer, a couple of extra logs for the fire and to visit the dollar shop for presents.

Here are another tip for you: Start loosing weight so you can stuff yourself in December.
Stop drinking so you can use the weekly units of alcohol during the hol's.
Make yourself unpleasant to everybody in advance to save on presents.

An even better advice is: Cut out that fckn holiday pressure entirely!

Best thing about living in a multi-cultural, mostly secular country is that THAT fckn holiday is not celebrated in excess. Give me Eid, Midsummer, Kwanzaa or Yom Kippur celebrations any and every day and I will be happy to adhere to the traditions. I do not mind a party, a cultural gathering, a religious ceremony or even a heartfelt belief in higher powers. But wow, how I hate Christmas.
Possibly even more than weddings.
They have the same forced traditions and the same unrealistic expectations.

I started my first war on Christmas when I was 12 and I have belonged to the League against Christmas ever since.

But if you still plan to ruin yourself in December this year too, destroy the family connections you just restored from last years events and get the annual gall stones and suicidal depressions  -
let me tell you
NOW it is time to start saving up for it. Plan, prepare and hopefully survive.

Or you could just not do it. I don't. My gods don't care. My family still loves me. My friends escape to my house for the holidays.


  1. Ah another anti-christ-mas follower.....thank the Northern gods that I'm not alone!

    1. We'll be the followers of friends, family, food and feast - just not then and in that way!

  2. I do not feel that I can talk about it, so why I am commenting I do not know. I do not celebrate Christmas.

    1. Good, then I do not have to reply anything...