Wednesday, 12 August 2015


Since our vacation in France, the fourteenth century has been the main focus in our house.

Historiographer I am, but I have managed to develop an intense history interest in the man too. (Poor thing, little does he know of his future readings.)

He reads fourteenth century chronographs and we went to see monasteries, abbeys and castles from that period (think the French-English-everybody else at war with each other for the Hundred Year War approximately).

Now we also eat 14th century food. Oat porridge with leek for lunch and porc-cabbage-onion-mustard in a clay pot in the oven for dinner. Spoons and knifes only for eating of course, we are not royalty.

I blame Ruth Goodman and the BBC TV-series The Secrets of the Castle (but that blame is mostly a grateful thank you to her being a role model for all of us history nerds to come out and be practical historians and not only theoretical historians.)

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