Monday, 3 August 2015


The task for August is to go through all electronics. This is good timing for me, not only is it relatively quiet at work, I will also be moving countries soon again. (Only for a few weeks though.) This will give me plenty of alone time to fiddle with computers and such.

With electronics I mean everything that I own or use that needs electricity to operate (easily recognised as it has a cable or needs batteries).

Electronic equipment
How many radios, computers, phones, stereo, clocks and old walkmen, micowaves, rollodex and camping lanterns do you have?
If you want to keep the equipment, take out the batteries and reuse or recycle batteries (so that they do not leak while not in use), alternatively place a piece of plastic between the battery and the contact pole so that the battery does not run out of charge. 

If you have not used the item for the last year it may be time to let it got to the charity shop if it works (wipe it of and tag it that it works) or the collection point for electrical and electronic equipment. 

Electronic content
This task also includes cleaning  your hard drive, including your stationary computer, laptop, your separate hard drive and phone.
Download and back-up the content. Send the most important information in an email to yourself or store it as a draft on your personal email account.

Of course you also clean up all your email accounts. Place the content of the in-box into folders and try to keep the number of emails in the in-box low.  Throw and delete folders no longer needed.

Contact information 
Update peoples contact information into you address book, an electronic or on paper. Remove old email addresses or contacts (people do move jobs and it is embarrassing to send private information to your friends previous IT-department).

The closest of my friends also get their address and email written down in a small but pretty address book made from paper. It simplifies a quick address check for a random post card (which is the cheapest way I know to make sure my friends know I really do like them. Nobody else does this any more.)

In my safety box I have a list of all my passwords on paper. The man is using an electronic tool to invent secure passwords but only works if the electronic tool can be logged on to (don't ask him how we know this, but it is a good story...). (My safe box is a glorified shoe box but it contains all the things I will grab if or when I have to run out of the house in a fire.)

Electronic Photos
Do a back-up of all the content to a separate hard drive, server, USB/thumb drive, disc or cloud storage.

Download all photos from your phone. Print special photos.  Send copies of photos, especially old ones, to the people in the picture. (It is also a great way of reaching out and staying in touch with the people in the pictures).
Send the most important documents in an email to yourself and the people who are on the pictures.


  1. Good post! I try to do these things in my own way, but I should do them more often.

    1. Thanks. This is one of my monthly tasks, repeated every year. I do do them a little differently every year, but the most important thing is to as much as possible, follow up on it and then to do the rest next year.