Wednesday, 5 August 2015


Belts were one of the first things I cleared when I started minimising in 2010.

I have two (2). One classic jeans style black leather belt and one wider black leather belt with two pins in a black buckle. These are the only two belts I have used the last five years (and to be honest, probably several years before that too.) I spend no money on belts, this is where I consider I am set for a lifetime.

I have been helped by a decision I made in the early 90s.

Around 1991 I bought an expensive black leather belt with a yellow brass buckle and a screw that attached the buckle to the belt.
I was completely fed up with belts that frayed after a few weeks but I was a student and did not have a lot of money. I decided however exactly what kind of belt I wanted and I think I had to look for the exactly right one for quite a long time. I probably bought a few cheap ones in the meantime that I thought would do the job.

The exactly right belt turned out to cost a lot of money and I still remember exactly where I bought it.

During the years of horror (2008-10) I grew out of my belt. The belt was not bought with the intent of becoming fat.
I found second hand a lovely long black real leather belt with a screwed on buckle (the buckle was ugly as hell). The new, longer black real leather belt replaced the leather of the original belt (unscrew the buckle, screw it in in the new leather). The new leather almost fits, it is a few millimetres to wide but it bends nicely in the buckle.

This week, my weight loss has made me reach the last hole in my black leather belt.
I hope to be changing back into the shorter leather strap soon.

PS. Oh-oh - it turned out that the original belt leather still is too short. I will go to the cobbler shop and ask for a new hole to be punched in my current belt.

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