Thursday, 6 August 2015


I do not buy clothes, I have not bought clothes since 2010, but It is actually a lie.
I have noticed that I still do buy clothes.

This is a list (to be edited) of what I have bought in 2015.

Cap for hiking and to use in rain, from acquired from the friends in Saint Quentin, France €2.50
Blue cotton t-shirt - €2.99 from Vibra
Petroleum silk wedding shirt - second hand I think €7
White bra - €7.50 from Hema
3 pairs of short socks - €5 from Hema
3 pairs of working socks - €1 from Kruidtvat
White running t-shirt - €5 from Decathalon 

Around €31 just frittered away in 8 months. Chocking!
And I have still not bought that rainjacket and the jeans (and possible an Icebreaker hikingshirt) that I so sorely need.
I am going to have to break into my yoopee account for essentials. Oh no ooo

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