Sunday, 16 August 2015


I used to be a great movie fan, I would rent apartments based on location to the closest independent movie theatre. Such as the Styx in Brussels.

I am still a great film fan but around the mid-2000, say about 2005, I discovered the DVD.
I did not have a TV (only ever owned one in my life and it came with an apartment) but I bought a small DVD player (you know the kind for children with a little screen). I rented classics and every famous films I had never seen from the library cheaply and I bought DVDs.

Most of my DVDs were sold off in the great moves 2008, 2010 and 2014, approximately 2-300 DVDs; I shudder at the thought of the amount of money spent, lost and wasted on DVDs (but in that time, we all thought a film library was as important as a book collection were for the medieval monks.)

Today I only own 150 DVDs.
58 DVD in individual original cases plus three binders with around 30 DVD discs in each and three work out DVDS.

This is an horrendous amount of media! Especially since most of my home time is spent in houses with Internet streaming, cable channels and regular television available. At home, in my original home, I have neither TV nor Internet. I should move some of the DVDs there and buy (acquire in some other free way) a small DVD player for them. (My computer does not have a built in DVD player.)

I suppose I should try to get rid of some. However, I doubt there is any money left in the DVD market and besides -
Can I really part with my complete collection of Tarantino movies, Orson Welles, Hitchcock, five series of James Herriot, three seasons of Ørnen, the extended version of The Lord of the Ring-trilogy and almost complete collections of movies with Edward Norton and Sean Pertwee respectively?

How many DVDs do you have and what have you saved after your purge?


  1. Guilty! So many DVDs at our house. I counted 175 of my own and my spouse Rom probably has twice as many. I think they have zero resell value so I may as well keep them until I have watched them all or run out of space.

  2. HA! If you can, then so can I. :) But really, you have not even watch them all?
    (I did not count DVDs belonging to the man in the house, he has his own allocated shelving for his.)

  3. Just stumbled across your blog m'dear and I am enjoying reading it. As for DVD's my George despaired at the number I had when we moved in together two years ago....still yet to thin them out!

    1. Thanks John, welcome and please hang around. The number George despaired over, what was/is the number? Do you know it?

    2. Over 300.....all good films...honestly

    3. Over 300.....all good films...honestly

    4. 300, that is indeed a good starting point (one a day except summer monts?) Now you know, and have control!