Wednesday, 19 August 2015


My August challenge covers electronics. It is not quite going as expected.

Instead of clearing out, we already have had to replace the water cooker as well as the iron. The electricity started to fall out about a week ago, making us very well acquainted with our electricity cabinet and the fuse box. The problem was identified as the water cooker. After attempted repairs, a new cheap one was bought from the same place as the iron. The cooker is now on the same two year parole as the iron.

We have also had to replace two long lasting low energy light bulbs (kitchen and shower room). They could possibly have been between six to nine years old (not any more, as the man has not lived in this apartment any longer and most certainly did not bring used light bulbs with him when he moved in). We are expecting more light bulbs to go but these two were replaced with used low energy light bulbs (I brought my used low energy light bulbs with me when I moved in. No chance I was going to donate them to my previous horrible landlord.) There are still two more used low energy light bulbs in storage as well as a few of the small, old fashioned type. They are all gathered in a separate box (where we also possibly could keep the spare batteries that we never seem to find when we need them, I just realised).

I admit, I do want to keep track of when the light bulbs are changed in the house. But even I can see that that is a bit excessive. So I will live dangerously and not know how old my light bulbs are. It is possibly the healthier option.

I am still working on the electronic content of my computers, but I leave in a few days and "on the road" I will have time to do it. The man has backed up, updated, downloaded and deleted information on the several hard-drives he uses for work. I am very impressed. He even updated our electronic library for music and electronic books.

I have downloaded photos from my phone. At least I did that. I have also tried to use the old digital camera the man owns. Sadly, I promptly destroyed it. The lens now snags and does not retract. I opened it and tried to fix it but with no luck. The same model (as well as fifteen later models of the same digital camera) turned out to readily available second hand on-line for €20-€30.
We decided we do not need a camera. (Except that the camera on my cheap mobile phone is bad and I have almost stopped taking pictures, so I think this decision might be re-evaluated in a few months.)

All my passwords have been checked, updated, recorded and saved in my safe-box.

However, all contact information for friends and family has still to be collected and checked.

The amount of electronics is still to be counted.
However, we have looked through what we have and what we will replace if it breaks: computers, phones and the hand held kitchen mixer especially.
We also discussed what to keep until it breaks: the TV, the kitchen i-pod, the second vacuum cleaner, an electric whisk, the ice cream maker, the kitchen an electric grill, my cassette player walkman and dictaphone, possibly also the DVD-R etc. These will probably not be replaced when they break.
We also discussed what can sold. We identified at least two computers so far but this is the man's job to do ("Hey, you! Now, do it now!") The man possibly owns more electronics than this but I am not involved in that.

I also have a radio, a set of speakers and a nice alarm clock that I am not using but there is no money in it on-line (I have looked), and they are too nice to just throw out .... so I might just keep them. If anybody wants to tell me off for not purging and simplifying enough, you are cordially invited. I probably need some help with these items...

I can tell what we do not have however: we have no microwave. We also have no electric coffee maker.


  1. What is a water cooker? Is it a steamer, or an egg poacher or neither? We don't have anything in the UK that we call a water cooker.

    1. Do you call it an electric kettle?

    2. Ah, we just call it the kettle.

    3. A kettle can hang over a fire, stand on a gas ring, stand on top of an Aga, or plug into an electric socket. It is always called a kettle.

  2. You've made excellent progress! I was curious about the water cooker too. I briefly wondered if it was a water storage tank that provides all your hot water for showering, etc. But you probably would have been more upset if it were not working, because they are expensive! I am also curious about how long my CFL light bulbs last, but I didn't note when I installed them so I will never know!

    1. So the thing that cooks water is not a water cooker? - not even in Canada? Kettle for me is the thing that is made from iron and hangs over an open fire. Every where else in Europe it is waterkoker, vannkoker, vattenkokare, vízforraló, buillore, or a hervidor de aqua which is different to a tetera. But then ok, the Germans do call it a wasserkessel, and the Danes a kedel so I suppose the Brit-speakers have linguistic company.