Saturday, 1 August 2015


Puhu -
I again have contoll over money (Fuck You AVANZA) and although the markets have taken a dip, I am ok.

I count monthly my net value, or as I call it my Financial Independence). It is the sum of all my assets (not counting pensions or the value of my apartment, as I currently live there) divided with my annual budget (a sum that comfortably allows my current lifestyle). My annual budget is low because I am frugal and cheap but is isn't anything ridiculously low and it is a budget many people live with, and are expected to live with. I count only my money and my costs, although some of my costs are lower because I can share some of them with the man (but then so are his).

This month I have a FI  number of 29,31. This means I can live 29,31 years on my current money with the current budget and current level of prices. I do not intend to die rich so the thought is to use up all my money and hope that the annual interests and value increases can make up for increases in costs.

That makes me happy, grateful and comfortable about the future. I have also not yet stopped working but when the FI stays solidly over 30, I may cut yet another day off my working week.


  1. I am just catching up on your posts Viking. Back to Ironing a post or so ago. , I would also like to report that NOTHING gets ironed in the Rachel household either and I do not possess an iron.

    Your budgeting is much to be admired. I know that I am no where near as frugal as I could be. But then there are many things I enjoy so I do not begrudge my expenditure.

    Your office arrangement sounds so sensible and sharing with another user must surely be a practice that more people should adopt.

  2. Thanks for reading and commenting, Rachel! Nothing wrong with spending money on things that are truly enjoyed, but really, how many shorts does a woman really need?