Saturday, 8 August 2015


I want to know how to make everything I need in my life, even if I do not actually make everything myself.

Some things I do want to know how to make, I actually think I should know how to make.
Those things are growing food, storing food, cooking, maintaining my mechanics and electronics, making clothes etc.

The next instalment of the series "I try to learn how to make my own clothes", set of pyjamas has been finalised. Total cost €2.50 and numerous hours.

They are a little too big and do not fit exceptionally well (but well enough to sleep in).
I have learned the following skills:
- Adjusting patterns
- Sewing in jersey and stretchy fabrics (first time in life)
- French seams and different stretchy seams
- Fitting bust and waist pleats
- Sewing elastic waistband in elastic fabric
I have also learned a lot about my temperamental sewing machine and we now get a long better than ever.

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