Tuesday, 25 August 2015


I have placed all my most important items in a safe box.
In case I have to run out of the house and there is a minute for grabbing the most important things, this is what I will bring.

My Safebox is nothing but a glorified shoe box. However, it collects the items to be easily available (and there is less risk of being trown out in one of my thorough de-cluttering clear out sessions).

My Safebox contains my mother's jewellery and other small items of value. (It sounds great but it is only a necklace and a bracelet that I will never wear but also will never sell for cash as well as a mourning broach made from my dead grand-mothers hair). I also keep a USB stick (thumb drive) with my university thesis(es) in there, but only because I am a complete nerd.

The USB stick with copies of insurance paper, vaccines, diplomas, pass port and drivers licence as well as a list of more important pass words, addresses (in case of information especially). There should be a spare identity card too but I have not figured that out yet.
The box also contains some (but a very limited amount) spare cash in different currencies (this must be replaced regularly as as paper currency changes regularly).

The Safebox also has a handwritten list of passwords for on-line accounts and sites for safekeeping. 

What else should I keep in the Safebox? What do you have in yours?


  1. I can understand the need for such an item but does it not also seem that you are 'putting all your eggs in one basket'? If lost or worse still stolen there would be so much information there at another's disposal. At the least could the information on the USB sticks be encrypted and the passwords written in code?

    1. You are smart as a whippet (this is a compliment) and bien sur, all passwords are written in code (a very very simple code but based on personal information). I will immediately add passwords on the USBs.

  2. We don't call them safe boxes here. They are called "bug out bags" and take the form of a back pack with essential documents, cash, a little food, cell phone and charge, spare clothing, and in the South and West, a hand gun and ammunition are usually in there.

    1. My safe box is something very different to a bug-out bag. I am not a "prepper", I am just organized and flexible.