Sunday, 2 August 2015


Since my accident in March when I fell in the shower, my shoulder has been sore. The physio therapist gave me exercises to do and the shoulder improved considerably. During the vacation the last pain subsided. It has returned since I started sleeping in a soft bed again but I have almost full shoulder rotation again. The exercises are done every day, sometimes several times a day. I hope any remaining pain will be gone permanently soon.

However, I am still fearful in the shower. I hold on to things and I lean on the wall to wash my feet. Still, I feel my feet slipping and my balance is not improving.

The decision was made. We needed a shower mat. I did so we did.

Old people have shower mats. Old people and people who does not want to slip in the shower again.

A shower mat turned out to be a) ugly b) really ugly c) huge and the worst of it d) quite expensive.

Some thinking, some roaming around different shops and an attempt for a solution was found.
It works so well I have to brag a bit (but be careful, it may not work for you or your shower).

I got one of those thin plastic materials that are for stopping carpets to slip around on the floor.
Mine came in a roll and is in the colour of hysterical green (yes, it was on a clearence sale).

I cut a bit of it as a trial (around half a meter, two feet approximately) and I am keeping it.
It slips a bit when water is poured over it but it is stable when I stand on it.

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