Friday, 7 August 2015


I have enormous vocal powers. I lecture in large arenas without microphone and I can comfortably hold my own while singing on the football stands.

But I used to loose my voice with every cold. Most memorable when I was to have been Santa Claus from the North Pole for the Massachusetts Girl Scouts in 1990. Not easy when there is no sound created by the vocal cords at all. Some speech therapy advice was taken to heart and it happened less frequently.

Until 2003 when a doctor told me (and I can still hear her casual, by-way tone of voice): "you loss of voice is not caused by smoking but if you do not want it to happen again you should take the opportunity to stop."

You never know what you say that will really reach a person, but I quit smoking that day.

I have never smoked since. It was not easy, it is sometimes still not easy. But I am not going to smoke right now and that is all I will focus on.

I am fully an addict for nicotine, and I can not handle it. There is never going to be just one for a party or even a chocolate cigarette. I completely understand Anonymous Narcotics/Alcoholics, the only thing that counts is now. And it is now I am not going to smoke.

Tomorrow I will deal with then, but I will go and do something else than smoking right now.
It has worked so far for over 12 years. It can be your turn today. First target is only for today.
Just not smoke that next cigarette.


  1. They are about to ban smoking OUTSIDE pubs here as well, so maybe you ought to take up social drinking. That would help.

    1. Help with what? I am raised in the Old Norse tradition where social drinking is uncommon. Drinking is a dedicated activity done with serious intent or not at all.

  2. I smoked cigarettes until we had a squadron stand down and the flight surgeon brought in a smokers lungs in a jar. Then I couldn't quit but I switched to cigars and smoked fewer. Once I could quit that, I switched to a pipe. I still smoke a pipe and will never quit, I like tobacco too much.