Saturday, 15 August 2015


Soup is the standard and traditional way to eating cheaply.

It is of course up to you what you eat but this works for me.

Save all left-over vegetables, all leafs, an onion, or a potato, garlic, red lenses or any other happy or unhappy looking vegetable in a pot.
Leafs include broccoli stems, cauliflower leafs, radish or carrot tops as well as clean potato peals. Yes they are edible if boiled properly. If nothing else, this encourages to buy ecologically grown veggies. Cut it ruff if you have a mixer, nicer and smaller if you do not.

Add fluids from cans of beans, water from boiling spaghetti or veggies; almost anything can go in there. Avoid milk, cheeses and dairy as it doesn’t do to well being boiled. Some leftover fat can go in too.
Keep it in the fridge and keep adding to it until you are hungry. The amount of water should just barely cover the veggies or the soup gets a bit thin.

Boil the whole thing at least 20 minutes. Mix it with a mixer. Salt, flavour if you need to.
Boil another 5-10 minutes. You don’t need a bullion cube, the veggies will flavour the soup together with the salt.
Add small pieces of meets if you want and have it. Cheese on top or a spoon of soy sauce are other alternatives. Eat with a couple of slices of knäckebröd or a couple of carrots.
The colour can be odd but the flavour is almost always surprisingly good.

Not tasting superbly? Who cares!!
It is almost a free lunch.

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