Sunday, 30 August 2015


I am a hiker, not an athlete. I do not do sports regularly (although I have been know to go running lately). Still there is sports equipment in my house.

Two hand strengthener
One weight that fits around the arm
One long rubber band for exercises
Three exercise DVDs
A case with four relaxation tapes (yes, cassette tapes, but irreplaceable)
One thick exercise mat, think something for yoga (bought in an emergency on a camping trip and now used for exercises)

In the house there are also three dumbbells, one balancing board and a balancing ball (the man uses them regularly).

One of the exercise DVDs is really really very good. It is a Pilates DVD that came with a magazine I bought probably around the mid-2000. I have used it hundreds of times in my different living rooms and hotel rooms. The exercises give me very nice arms and it is so slow that I can only do it when my life is relaxed. (When I am stressed, I do not have patience with her, then she just bugs me. And I know that I have to go and do the relaxation tapes instead.

Both of the other DVDs also came with magazines in the mid 2000s, one is sleep improving yoga and one is proper stand-on-the-floor-jumping-up-and-down-doing-exercises exercises (I have yet to use either of them.)

I probably will hang on to all of this as I seem to either use them regularly or to return to them in periods (when I decide that I want to do sports - it lasts a few months (weeks or days) but I hope they do some good that short time).

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