Wednesday, 30 September 2015


I like celebrating birthdays - as long as they are somebody else's.

When it comes to my birthday, the best thing anybody can do is to send me a card and leave me alone in a strange city. Lots of birthday cards and a new city to get lost in - paradise!)
But I digress -

Birthday celebrations are however quite simplified in this household when it comes to birthday celebration stuff. We have a gift bag that says Happy Birthday, minimizing the need to wrap any possible presents. Each person also has a button that says I am the birthday boy (except that mine says Leave me alone! or some to that effect). The three celebratory garlands or festoons that we have, are reused every year and for all events. (Now they are a little embarrassing as one is pink, one has white doves and one is with Swedish flags and completely unused. Maybe a more generic garland, better suited for all occasions should be put on the wishlist for when the pink one breaks?)

We also have five golden party napkin rings and one and a half bag of little umbrellas for that extra festive feeling. If we really want to go all out for an event, paper streamers will be bought. There are also events so special that we dig into the box of new year decorations for some extra umph.

This year for the man's birthday, he also very surprisingly dug up two electrified garlands with flowers (one red geraniums and one very appropriate with white marguerites) from the basement. He says they may been left by the squatters (the original squatters of his previous house. I know they had good taste in art, but it is a little surprising that they could possibly be that old. As far as I know, the squatters left ...  ehm ... twenty-one years ago!!! Actually, he probably bought them himself for something and does not remember now.) Anyway, they work fine and porn up the house in a lovely way.

Birthday season is however now almost over for this year. Only the karate-princess left. She turns six in November.

How much birthday-party stuff do you currently have?

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