Thursday, 1 October 2015


The task was to go through all shoes and shoe supporting items in the house during September.

I am happy to say I have spent my time much wiser than that and consequently am scrambling to come up with a report on the results.

However, no shoes have been bought - even though just the other day my favourite sports shop sent the man a discount coupon on 15 % off the shoes I have been trying on fifteen times and really, really want. I still have not bought them.
Why have I not bought them if I want them? Why am I depriving myself in this way?
Just go out and get it, use your money, yada yada bla bla etc etc en zo verder.

I have shoes.
I have plenty of shoes.
I have shoes for all walks of life! (ha-Ha (pronounced like Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory)
I have everything I need already - and possibly some more.

I have three different pairs of shoes for hiking and every day life.
I have a pair, almost unused, of very nice black leather lace up shoes for city.
I have three pairs of fancy ladies shoes, as well as one pair for summer (which if I am honest, are possibly a bit uncomfortable but invaluable for those warm days at work when I must dress up).
I have sports shoes, flip flops, rain boots, sandals for city and sandals for crossing rivers.

What else could I possibly need than I already have?
Replacements of course, but not until anything needs to be replaced.
So, thanks, but no thanks, for sending me a discount coupon for a very nice pair of shoes indeed. I will resist the temptation of helping the sports shop with their end-of season clearance this year too.

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