Thursday, 17 September 2015


Last night we wiped down all the doors inside the house.

We have seven doors in the apartment as well as a front door. They were all wiped down with a scrubber soaked in washing liquid and then wiped dry with an already dirty tea towel.
They now look really nice!

With the outside becoming grey and dark, the weather promises yet another week of rain and a season of new television shows starting - we decided that we need to be active every evening. Something outside the house preferably, at least a walk every evening, but if not, we really should do something good around the house every day.

Avoiding the TV-coma is our new task.

Both of us are currently working in outside offices. We come home in the late afternoon/early evening exhausted. I arrive at least an hour and a half earlier as I do not commute. My task is to start dinner and do my studying. The man gets his dinner on the table within a few minutes after coming home. (I am not a domestic goddess - I do not cook very well and keep time even worse, but he is really hungry when he comes so I try. And he does the same for me when he is working from home. And the laundry too.)

During dinner, we usually watch BBC's Pointless, screaming answers at the telly. It is really addictive. If nothing else happens we also watch BBC's Eggheads. As I said, avoiding the TV-coma is our new task. This means that we ambitiously try to move our lives forward one single step every day. Something is done that makes the future better.

Last night we wiped all the doors in the house.
The day before we measured the floor space in the wardrobe. And noted the amount of left over flooring in the basement.
The day before that - I can not remember what it was but it was something equally fantastic (and then I watched Paris St. Germain play Malmö FF in the Champions League).
Tonight - who knows what crazy ideas we will come up with to brighten our lives in the rain.

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