Tuesday, 8 September 2015


Set a target and join a challenge to stay motivated. Just think of the 100 push up challenge, the buy nothing for a year challenge, the no-car challenge, the X dollar a month food challenge, the no impact challenge, and so on.

Set rules, realistic rules for your targets. That means you have a target that is a little bigger than you know how to deal with and then you break it down into smaller steps. Each one of those steps will be possible although a challenge to do.

Where do you want to be in 100 days? Being able to do 100 sit-ups, push-ups or any other of your favourite torture? Then start with ten today. NOW!
Really, only think about today. (Repeat and rinse tomorrow.)
Buy nothing for a year, then start by buying nothing today while you set the rules for what you will buy (food?) or how you otherwise will feed yourself. But it starts with buying nothing NOW! (Don't go out and buy a notebook to register your buy nothing challenge.)

You know where your obstacles are. Identify one action towards to other side. Break down that action into smaller steps. Want a university degree? Find out what the requirements are - exactly.

Like this example:
We want new flooring in almost all rooms of our rent-apartment (not included in our rent). Step one: Measure the closet. (Then we can know how big the floor space is in there. Then we can go down in the basement to measure the remaining flooring stored there. Then we can measure the remaining flooring in the basement to see if it is enough for the closet space. Then we can start planning the next step after that.)

The things you are already doing, is not a challenge. This is about pushing a little bit further.
How will you challenge yourself this month?

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