Wednesday, 2 September 2015


Chocking drop in the financial markets gives me the lowest financial independence number since I started recording it in the present way.
28 years can I live on my present annual budget before my money runs out.
It should be 30 and above and it used to be close.

Could you all just please stop speculating and stabilise the world markets?

Although, to be fair, and fair is more important than truthful but let me be truthful too, I have also paid the last of the tax debt. It took all income this month and then some but as of now I owe no money to the tax authority (taxation of the profit I made when I sold my house last year).

As of now I do not owe anybody any money at all.

I should be happy with a FI-number of 28 and I am. I am really grateful I have all this money. I like my money and I am glad that it sticks around.

Everything is placed according to plan and in "relatively" solid and secure placements.
I have engaged yet another bank and will weed out cards during this month with the ambition of solidifying cash savings into something safe* in one financial institute.

(*I do not quite know what I mean with this in today's markets but I envision something that will allow me to keep at least the nominal value of my money over time - interest would be nicer though.)


  1. The markets go up, the markets go down, it happens and it keeps happening. They'll go up again.

    1. Yes, you are of course right. Thanks, I needed to be reminded of just that. Dank je!