Wednesday, 16 September 2015


I like my money. I value them just because they are there, not in terms of what they can buy.

My first step towards valuing my money was to set up a little shrine to them. Oh yeah, it is so silly, but it is only a mental marker and reminder.

I picked a Chinese symbol for money (Happy Buddha with a gold ingot, but anything that you connect with good money will do). I placed him in my direct line of sight and told myself that he will keep the money I have and that he draw more money towards me.
It is a part of the Chinese tradition of Feng Shui (you can not avoid it in China so just roll with it).

My little Buddha looked so out of place.
Every time I saw him, I would think: - Hey, what's that there? Oh, right, my money maker.
I like money. Right, yes, I like money.

I put a red thread with three knots in my wallet. It fell out every time I opened it and it told me to not give out more money than I really had to. None if possibly.

I started respecting my money and valuing them for themselves, not for their later results.
Almost like loving children not for the sporting results but just because they are yours.


  1. We believe here that one should not ever never put his purse on the floor, it brings bad luck to money, i love my money too.

    1. That is a nice tradition to keep the respect for money!