Friday, 18 September 2015


It has been brought to my attention (you know who you are...) that some things that I have been trained to consider normal and ordinary, makes other people go "whaaat?".

So for you, slave of the hard working Nicholas, let me tell about roasted veggies and mayonnaise.

Fill your largest oven pan, or two if you have an air circulating oven, with hard vegetables. Potatoes, swedes, parsnip, beets, parsley root, pumpkin, celery root, yam, onions, beetroot, carrots, a whole head of garlic, topinambour (aka Jerusalem artichoke) but primarily spuds. If you do soft veggies, put them on a separate plate as they need much shorter cooking time.
Scrub the veggies but do not peal unless you must in order to get them clean. (Celery root (aka celeriac), I am looking at you here.) I do peel the carrots though, it makes then roast nicer. Put the whole head of garlic on there as is. They cook in their own packaging.

Cut the hard veg in similar sized chunks. They will be done at the same time if they are the same size. Potatoes can be slightly larger.
How big should the chunks be?, I hear you ask. Well, how big is your mouth? Double that if using knife or fingers and not being afraid of double-dipping. Mouth sized if using chopsticks or dainty.
Also think about how much time (or gas) you have. The thicker they are, the longer the time they need. The bigger they are, the less time chopping you have to spend.

I put all chunks of hard veggies on a baking paper in an oven pan (I hate scrubbing pans hence the paper). I put everything with skin down and not on top of each other.
No oil. No salt. No spices. No nothing.
The oven is on 240-250° C. I do not know what gas mark setting or Fahrenheit it is but in my oven, it is almost as warm as it gets. Shove them in. Close lid. On open fire, just shove them on there.

The time needed seems to vary a bit (or I have a very short memory) so I do check them after ten-twenty-thirty minutes using the kitchen timer. The smaller chunks (size of a potato wedge) take 12-15 min or so. The halved potatoes can take up to 30-35 min. They are ready when they are golden with a brown/burned ridge and have puffed up a bit (or when you can not wait any longer). Take one out and make sure they are ready in the middle.
(There is NOTHING worse than badly prepared potatoes and fires. Only eat double-fired Flemish fries. Life is too short for soggy, dropping bad fries.)

When the veggies are done, the fun begins.
Take the oven pan out. Put it down on something heat resistant. (Remember, it has been in the oven so it is hot. Do try to remember this, note to self). Use something to fill your plate to the rim with veggies. Just tumble them all on the plate.
If you really really have to, add salt but you should try it without any salt at all, at least once.

Take your mayonnaise. Put a dollop (more, more, more - OK, that is a start) on to the plate.
Dip veggie in mayo. Use a fork if you have to. Put in mouth. Close. Chew.
Meat or side dishes are not needed (you did make two oven pans right? One oven sized pan (the whole thing) stuffs two persons comfortably into food coma. The content of another pan can be eaten cold then next day.)

Now, about mayonnaise - there are so many different mayo's out there. From frits sause to home made and all added flavours in between.
You really should go through several of them (taste them with a spoon). Find the one that suits your taste buds as well as the different dishes you eat. Yes, all brands taste different. Personally, I prefer the lighter more savoy less eggy mayo's, but the man goes for the thick heavy eggy ones. Consequently it is not uncommon that we have several different jars in the house.

More advanced is to dip your veggies in mustard. This is perhaps a little more out of the box and not for the faint hearted. We usually have several different mustard's in the house too. In fries region of the world, it is not uncommon that the fries place has up to 60 different mayo flavours to choose from.
I have also experimented with wasabi and with horseradish - this is of course right outside of the box but still, with good oven potatoes, nice, nice, nice, nice.

TL;DR: Cut veg. Put on plate in oven. Wait a little. Eat with mayo out of jar. (Edit: turn oven on)

I will add a photo next time I make it (probably within a few days).


  1. We do this. Also with Ketchup, Mustard, Horseradish sauce, etc; depending on our mood.

    1. I knew I could trust you to be outside the box with me, Cro!

  2. i made this again last nite - THANK YOU!!!

    1. One of us One of us One of us One of us! :D