Monday, 28 September 2015


Since I sold my house, no actually, since I started moving countries - no, since forever -
I have had certain, and only a few items I really like.

I have a mirror.

It was bought in August 1989 in the basement of an old man's house in Debrecen, Hungary. It was not legal for foreigners to buy (in hard currency) items from the public  - but after December 1988, it was not as completely illegal as it had been before. It was however still not legal.

My teacher in Hungarian had invited everybody in his class to his house for tea. He then brought us to his neighbour to see traditional Hungarian woodcarvings. The basement had a wonderful but windowless room with very VERY curvy wood carved items. I was then a poor student, travelling with a back-pack and not then and not now into curvy carvings.
Especially not the large picture frames or the bed posts.

I bought a little hand held mirror. It is carved in one piece of wood, and it has a very simple design. It is wood coloured, varnished and completely smooth. Was I asked if I didn't want a painted with roses in red and green in the traditional style? I do remember however that I was a little pressured into buying something. I do not remember what I paid but it was one of the cheapest items. It is everything I ever wanted from a mirror.

It has been with me to most of my permanent residences. It is not the last item I will ever get rid off, but since it is both beautiful, simple and useful, I do not see that it will leave my possession soon.
It has been knocked onto the ground several times and the back came off once. The mirror didn't break but I did attach a stronger ribbon. Now it lives in the back of my closet, behind a stack of t-shirts. It only comes out when I cut my hair or when I want to see the back of my head.
No, it does not come out often enough but when I need it, it is there.
It is the only one of its kind.


  1. I like the idea of owning things that are both attractive and functional!

    1. I agree - the beauty of the every day items is important!