Thursday, 24 September 2015


If I remember correctly, and then I might not, I had 14 nail files in 2010.  Sand paper files and one metal. The metal one had been bought early 1980s and was never a first choice to be used. It was quickly discarded. The rest were bundled up together with the the orange wood sticks using an elastic and stored in the toilet bag. I have been using them one by one since then.

Today, I have no more nail files. All have been used up and the last one was worn up and thrown out yesterday. When camping I use any little rock, a stick and my knife to care for my nails.
In town, however, I use nail files. It is time to buy a new pack.

There are a few requirements on the next batch of nail files.
- Sand paper. (This is my decision and I am sticking to it)
- Short.
- Durable and sturdy. (This is going to be the tough one; can I ask to try one?)
- Cheap.
- Preferable come in a resealable packaging.
- Target price is ten for €1.
We'll see if I can make it.

I still have five orange wood sticks, five mini-bottles of nail polish (red, blue, orange, clear and gold) as well as a 1950s skin covered nail buffer in authentic red and white plastic (works wonderfully and never needs replacing) and nail scissors.

PS. Ten almost white nail files in a resealable package has been bought for €1,20.
So far they feel good.


  1. If you shall type "nail polish" on the small window on the wright side of my blog you can see nail polish "addiction".

    1. Last week, I had blue finger nails. On purpose. I felt very stylish. It is one of the nicer addictions to have I think.