Tuesday, 15 September 2015


The taxation of the house sale 2014 is finally finished. All tax discussions 2011-2013 seem to be finally finished as I have not heard from anybody in more than a year. I am aware I may be creating a false security but I think all is actually finished (Besides, I am tired of throwing money at tax authorities so I will firmly place my taxation head in the sand for the future.)

I have now finally been able to sort through all papers from 2010-2015 and discard what is no longer needed. (I also made a list of what I ought to do: figure out an odd but non-important letter from the previous county, investigate any overlapping travel insurances, aviation benefits and memberships as well as debit and credit cards and as a new annual task - calculate the expected pension.)

Today was a day when I managed to sort through all papers.

I have a very simple paper sorting system based on a few binders:
1. Degrees and Diplomas. This also includes references from work and other participation notices.
I added my new Bachelor of Arts degree and (without looking at it) the final paperwork from my previous place of business.
2. Important papers. This includes house papers (rent, buy and sale at least ten years back), insurance documentations, pension papers, bank contracts, all fixed bill contracts such as energy and telephone, this years tax statements, and all health related papers from my entire life. Most of this I do not have the strength to deal with on a daily basis but with a fixed place for them, I do not loose anything. Those days when I can or have to deal with it, everything will there. This binder also has nice papers in it such as the final payment of my student loan and the verification that my mortgage was paid off in full.
3. Tax declarations. Possibly not necessary, but I have saved all my tax declarations since my first year of paying taxes (the annexes only go back six years, I am not that bad). One day I'll make a graph and show my income over twenty odd years.
4-5 Binders containing any papers relating to anything with any kind of responsibility in the two latest countries I have lived in.
6. Binder titled Genealogy that contains the family tree and all related information on paper. (Computerised information is wonderful but the last time I plotted everything into a database was 2003 and that was because the information added in 1993 had become unreadable. Not doing that again.)
7-10 University papers are collected in binders containing the most interesting information and the papers and thesis's created through my genius and hard work during my years as a student.


  1. My papers are all organized but I keep too much. Someday I will pare down!

    1. That is a part of the process. With less fixed costs, I find there is less paper too.