Saturday, 26 September 2015


There will be 18 people coming for an afternoon party today.
It is time to use all the items labelled “don’t get rid of that, we’ll use it when the family comes for parties”. The family is coming for a party.

This is what will be used:
- 16 tea and coffee mugs in porcelain and ceramics + 3 glass cups + 1 novelty mug. There are also 2+2 plastic camping mugs, less fancy indeed, to substitute this.
In total: We can serve 24 hot drinks simultaneously!
- 8 teaspoons, 4 plastic teaspoons and 10 coffee spoons.
In total: 22 persons can stir their hot drinks simultaneously. (As far as I know, none for the 18 people coming use sugar in their hot drink so probably none of these will be used.)
- 26 paper plates + 2 side plates + 4 dessert plates + 5 dinner plates.
In total: We can serve 37 people scones simultaneously!
- 19 forks which means we can have 19 people eating cake simultaneously. We also have 4 dessert forks and 3 cocktail forks so if another seven people showed up it would not be a problem. We would not even have to dig into the spoons or the 12 plastic forks or the four forks in the picnic set.
Consequently, we can have 40 people eating with a fork in our house simultaneously.
This is truly a “but wait, there is more”-moment.
- 47 + 11 paper napkins in beige and plaid blue (either or).
So we can wipe 58 mouths more than once without having to take out the kitchen roll. I do not think we own any fabric napkins any more, mostly because they were never used. I lick my fingers and the man wipes his on his clothes (or the covers of the furniture; oh yes you do!). 

We also have one tray (rescued from the trash last year, cleaned and sort of painted) as well as two oven plates that can be used as serving trays for sandwiches and cakes.

There are also at least 3x6 plastic boxes with lids to be used to transport the snacks in when we later take everybody for drinks on the canal boat. (The canal boat captain arranges the drinks and wine glasses as she can load them on direct from her dock and we do not have to bring our 6 non matching wine glasses, 15 drinking glasses (the smaller ones normally used for drinking wine, the larger more the size of a flower vase), 7 assorted glasses on foot and 9 shot glasses.)

There are also six sponges and an almost full bottle of washing up liquid for tomorrow morning.

Now we must find more than 14 seats (which does include both the office chair and a discarded bar stool).


  1. I forgot the two mugs we use as toothbrush holders.
    All have now been feed and have gone home happy.

  2. I am glad i came back to read that, so i did not miss any thing:)

    1. It was a very good party. Everybody enjoyed themselves immensely, even more than expected, and it brought quite possibly that family closer together in a time when several are struggling with difficulties.

  3. I am glad i came back to read that, so i did not miss any thing:)

  4. I am glad i came back to read that, so i did not miss any thing:)